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Reiki, a term originating from the Japanese words "Rei" (meaning "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power") and "Ki" (equating to energy or "life force energy"), essentially embodies the concept of "spiritually guided creation power."

When you experience a Reiki treatment, it feels like a warm and soothing energy flow enveloping and passing through you. Reiki holistically addresses the body, emotions, mind, and higher self, promoting relaxation, a sense of security, peace, and overall well-being.

This gentle, essential, and safe energy healing method is available to everyone and has been effective in alleviating a wide range of illnesses and ailments. Reiki not only complements other medical or therapeutic approaches but also assists in mitigating side effects and supporting recovery.

Learning Reiki is a straightforward process, as it doesn't require traditional teaching but is transmitted through an "attunement" conducted by a Reiki master. This attunement allows students to access an infinite source of "life force energy" to enhance their health and quality of life. Regardless of your intellectual capacity or spiritual development, Reiki is accessible to individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

While Reiki has a spiritual dimension, it's not a religion and doesn't involve any specific beliefs. It operates effectively whether or not you believe in it, and for many, it fosters a deeper connection with their spiritual experiences. Reiki encourages ethical principles for promoting peace and harmony, echoing values shared across various cultures.

How it works:

Reiki Healing : Often referred to as palm healing or hands-on-body healing, practitioners gently hover their hands over or place them on the patient's body to facilitate the healing process.

Distant Healing :This method transmits healing energy across time and space, benefiting the recipient without physical proximity. Practitioners can send healing remotely, such as over the phone or at scheduled times.


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Reiki Programs with Ely Wellbeing

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