Breakthrough Sessions (2 Day Intensive NLP Coaching)

What is an NLP personal breakthrough session?

Breakthrough Sessions (2 Day Intensive NLP Coaching) What is an NLP personal breakthrough session? An NLP personal breakthrough session may be a super-charged intensive 1 day personal or professional Coaching session designed to satisfy your specific needs and make the momentum needed to expedite you realising your goals These highly client-centred personal development sessions work on whatever personal or professional changes you would like to form within the first stages you're asked many inquiries to uncover and illuminate pertinent issues; several which can not are apparent to you! Once the root causes of any self-limiting belief of experiencing a lull or rut or not being the person you envisaged to be are identified, we eliminate them.

If you're reading this, there's a high likelihood that there's something unresolved or missing from your life. You'll not be quite satisfied in all areas of life and have a nagging repeating feeling that unless things change, your future will be similar to your past. A breakthrough session provides the impetus to fuel you into achieving a preferable future.

How will a breakthrough session meet my expectations?

Having a breakthrough session may be a rapid way of getting your life back on track, and since the session takes several hours, an excellent sense of purpose is generated, and quantum leaps in your thinking appear. Unresolved issues are no longer presenting problems and are all addressed. There's a renewed sense of congruent confidence and empowerment alongside the motivation to manoeuvre your life within the direction you would like it to travel in. Clients notice major improvements in how they think and act they feel unburdened by doubts and anxieties.

Breakthrough sessions are particularly suitable for:

A breakthrough session negates the necessity to attend to possess a series of sessions. With today's busy lifestyles and heavy workloads, it only requires at some point out for you to abandon all that hinders you. Employers are getting increasingly agreeable to permit their valued employees time to deal with that which holds them back.

How does a breakthrough session work?

We make use of the world's most popular and proven personal development mind technologies including neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) TimeLine Therapy™ and modern hypnosis language forms These techniques allow direct contact with the part of the mind that stores the memories and habits of our emotions – the unconscious. Clients enter the session conscious of their conscious values and beliefs about themselves; however, here we dig deeper, challenging deeply unconscious values that drive your thinking and behaviour. By facilitating congruency between your conscious and unconscious thought patterns, we are ready to figure towards your goal.

The Session

The sessions are very personalised, and therefore nature and length can vary a breakthrough session is approximately 5-8 hours working one on one. After an initial call to debate what you would like from the session, we start the method with a group of questions designed to uproot your thoughts and feelings providing the underlying issues also like people who are surfacing When a comprehensive overview of the problems has been established, we start to eliminate them whilst always providing the mind with new resources and new perspectives; you gain clarity and luxuriate in 'aha' moments! New strategies and achievable goals for the longer term are added to your tool-kit alongside the means to regulate future unhelpful emotions and reject them. Armed with the new outlook about yourself reinforced subconsciously, you'll have the chance to remember your old habits and limiting beliefs, casting them off knowing that you can achieve your highest aspirations.

Ongoing support

Following the breakthrough session whilst you're experiencing changing beliefs and concepts there's an optional 30–60-minute phone support session available for up to three months after your breakthrough

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