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NLP Master Practitioner Training (14 Days)

Ely Wellbeing

Ever wanted to master the tools and techniques of NLP for a career, personal growth and professional therapy and training?

When you become a student of Ely Wellbeing on the NLP Master Practitioner course, you'll not only learn to positively affect the lives of others you'll change yourself because this is often one among the foremost life-changing events. Join us for this outstanding fourteen-day training featuring NLP Master Practitioner, TIME Techniques™ Master Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist and Master Success Coach certifications. If you have ever wanted to launch yourself to success, now's the time to try it.

Learn to apply the concepts and patterns of NLP expertly. When you're through this training, you'll literally have all the tools you will need for private development, private practice, and training at your disposal. During the method, you will have the prospect to use and knowledge nearly every NLP tool taught during the course. It's a fortnight of life-changing, empowering lessons, both as a Master Practitioner and a "client". Best of all, at the top of the course, you'll both conduct and experience a private Breakthrough Session — the foremost powerful and transformational model within the NLP toolkit.

Learn the Master level of your time Techniques™ and start making profound changes with this life-altering tools. At this level, you'll move from performing on symptoms to completely overhauling a whole area of life, be it a career, love, health, family, personal growth, spirituality or the other area of life. You'll master the powerful Breakthrough Session format of therapy that always nets Master Practitioners between £600 - £1600 per session.

We will teach you powerful techniques to hypnotize people, such as the Elman method, which is the most powerful hypnosis known today. You'll also learn the fundamentals of stage hypnosis and how to recreate some of the hilariously funny things you might see a hypnotist do on stage.

Learn to teach people to almost automatic success. With the tools and methods, you'll learn during this training you'll achieve results far greater and much faster than traditionally-trained success coaches, who often mistakenly believe that the client should overcome their own obstacles which the coach shouldn't use tools to assist them along. NLP adds magic-like results to coaching and creates a strong drive for fulfilment within you and your clients.

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