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I integrate NLP Techniques with my coaching style to help you overcome the challenges that hold you from achieving your strongest desires. NLP techniques: If you've got the desire and a "strong why" to be different, then you will! It's you that has the ability to make this transformation, drawing upon what's already within you and resources that you merely have to access. NLP creates remarkable results by using 'how' your brain constructs thoughts to facilitate big change. During this adjustment, I'll guide you employing a combination of advanced, proven Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, conversational coaching and hypnotherapy to collectively work with your conscious and influential unconscious. This creates long-lasting, profound changes which will enable you to break free from your perceived limitations and transform your future. The issues that these coaching techniques can help with are endless, so please contact us to speak further about how we will help examine many of the foremost common areas we help with.

My Commitment to you; I will:

Why Me:

I have committed myself to learn from the leaders in my field and am a totally qualified Life Coach, Hypnotherapist NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer. I'm fully insured and accredited with professional bodies and abide by their code of ethics.

My clients have included creative professionals, entrepreneurs, small business owners, public sector workers, nurses, to call a couple of, meaning I even have worked with people from all walks of life and coached them through an enormous sort of circumstances. I even have the talents and adaptability to change to a suitable method for your requirements since I'm specialising in various areas. I have purposely studied with several top trainers worldwide to realise the greatest knowledge to offer you the finest service. I run workshops, training and a training group alongside continuing to reinforce my very own expertise with ongoing study and development. I passionately believe the very best standards of care and delivery to you and recognise the importance of my very own development to enable this. I even have used and experienced the powerful transformations in my personal and business life first-hand, which inspired me to share these easy, life-changing skills.

How it works:

It sounds a touch corny, but I actually care about you and your needs and am hooked into getting the results you would like. My style is usually in line with this outcome for you and that I will go wherever I have to with you to assist you in getting this. We're in it together, all the way. At the same time (and in fact, as long as appropriate) I would like to make it as pleasant, exciting and enjoyable as you would like it to be! I think of the partnership as a friendship of mutual trust and respect, so you'll certainly expect compassion, empathy, humour, honesty, and infrequently tough love and purposeful provocation when helpful!

I accelerate your changes through considered, purposeful questioning, conversational change techniques alongside using tools and therapies carefully tailored to realise insight into the basis of your issue so that you'll venture beyond the boundaries of your problem. Unlike some therapies that are working consciously and cognitively, most change must occur unconsciously, and it's here most folks grind to a halt.

Our sessions will often seem simply conversational, but I'm working with you both consciously and more importantly unconsciously to make the change. Many of my clients depict it like 'having a chat' however, challenges 'totally shift'. I even have a really educational approach that can be reinforced by resources and knowledge out of sessions and as agreed actions to use what we've covered. I even have found the more you understand about 'how' you're doing what you're doing and 'what' to do to differently, the more you'll take hold of it on your own now, and within the future. We'll purposefully and positively create new thought processes and changes together, in line with what you would like for yourself. You'll be given videos, audios, worksheets and knowledge to assist to DIY!

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