Personal Breakthrough Session

Combining coaching with Neuro-Linguistic Development (NLP) and TIME Techniques™ as well as rigorous training to improve personal performance, we provide you with consistent, unwavering individual support, guidance and processes to assist you to achieve and keep your own objectives. Your achievement and success are my greatest goals.

A Personal Breakthrough Session is the gateway to success.

I am currently available for individual support for your own personal Success Program, your business or your romantic relationship goals. I can help with:

Removing Obstacles with NLP:
  • To remove the obstacles you need to understand what are any negative emotions, incorrect decisions or false beliefs in your past that are opposing you in achieving the goals. I will assist you with coaching in order to find and remove these obstacles, often in surprisingly little time.

Resolving Inner Conflict:
  • You may unknowingly be conflicted with regards to achievement. Subconsciously, many people think they are not worthy to make a lot of cash, be happy, or live a fulfilled life. These subconscious attitudes are powerful blocks to reaching your full potential. I can help you get to the root of your own inner-conflicts and move beyond them. Utilizing superior NLP as well as PERIOD Techniques™ I will free you to reach your highest potential.
Discovering What is Important:
  • Sometimes, your inner desires do not match your outer achievement. I will enable you to find out what is essential for you and change your beliefs and values to become completely in-line with your expectations, desires and objectives.
  • Ongoing support for your Individual Success Program and training. You may access other classes anytime, or even update to some to a complete training system with one-on-one assistance.