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Elyballroom is a modern lifestyle and dance service program. We operate under the fundamental belief that “Life Is A Dance” and provides a form of balance for both your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Hence, our training program improves not only your physical wellbeing and skill, it relaxes the soul.

Our location is Ely, Cambridgeshire

We offer dance classes, courses and private dance lessons in ballroom and Latin; Includes Salsa, Lindy Hop and Charleston.

Our program covers from beginner level to advanced set, there is a class for everyone. Our social dance class is available for you every week plus special dance events and parties.

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Sometimes life plays out in ways that we never imagined. As an intricate network of interactions, cause and effect, these incessant chains of events can affect us in many ways than one and sometimes not in a very good way. “Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a tool that was specifically designed to help improve balance and growth both in your personal and professional life, providing the confidence that you need to take the next step in your career.

It is the practice of understanding exactly how people organise their thoughts, feelings, language, and behaviour in order to produce the results that they want in their lives. This program provides you with a strategy to structure your life to be outstanding.

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You are perhaps wondering what Reiki means? Reiki is Japanese, it is an ancient Japanese technique used to induce relaxation and reduction of stress and promote healing. The fundamental idea behind Reiki is that an unseen “Life force energy” flows though everyone, and this life force is the animator or the reason why we are alive. Having low or weak of this force causes stress or sickness. Having high amount of this force is responsible for health and happiness. Reiki is performed through the “laying of hands” in a practical sense that demonstrates the flow of energy from one living being to another.

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An NLP personal breakthrough session is a super-charged intensive 1 day personal or professional Coaching session to discover what holds you back – and eliminate it!

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Ever wondered how to truly control your mind and help other to do it too? Well, here is you chance now with a selection of our live training courses:

  • NPL Practitioner Training
  • NPL Master Practitioner Training
  • NPL Trainer’s Training

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Understanding your inner power will help you to uncover and tap into your inner abilities to crack through any kind of limit and achieve the quality of living you desire. Find out how you can exceed your restrictions to achieve your own goals, enhance the quality of your life and develop lasting achievement.

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