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Ever wondered how to truly control your mind and help other to do it too? Well, here is you chance now with a selection of our live training courses: 1. NLP Practitioner Training 2. NLP Master Practitioner Training 3. NLP’s Trainer Training
NLP Practitioner Course
01 July - 07 July 2019 | Ely, Cambridgeshire
Become a Fully-Qualified NLP Practitioner in this Live, Accredited Certification Training Including FIVE Certifications in Ely, Cambridgeshire. If you’ve ever dreamt of starting your own business by helping and coaching people one-on-one or in groups, NLP is the quickest, most effective training you can receive today. Once you complete our seven-day NLP Practitioner Training, you'll be qualified to work with others professionally with FIVE certificates: • NLP Practitioner • TIME Techniques Practitioner • Clinical Hypnotherapist • Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner • Success and Life Coach
What You'll Learn at NLP Practitioner Training
You'll earn certificates in the following five fields, which will allow you to practice as a therapist, consultant and/or coach, or just to improve your own life, including:
1. Neuro-Linguistic Programming — NLP
We'll teach you how to use all the NLP Practitioner level tools to use on yourself for your own personal growth, and to use with others professionally for therapy and coaching. Unlike those "shortcut" four-day "Practitioner" training, you will learn and practice all of these techniques in class, under the guidance of a Certified Master Trainer of NLP. You'll discover the inner-workings of both the conscious and subconscious minds, and how to master the use of the Practitioner techniques of NLP.
2. T.I.M.E. Techniques™
T.I.M.E. Techniques™ is one of the most powerful set of NLP techniques to instantly eliminate all negative emotions, release limiting beliefs, undo past decisions, banish the effects of phobias and completely eliminate the emotions of guilt and anxiety. T.I.M.E. stands for Time Integration for Maximum Empowerment. If you're familiar with the older timeline techniques, you'll find these updated techniques to be familiar, yet faster and even more powerful.
3. Ericksonian Hypnotherapy (Conversational Hypnosis)
Learn powerful techniques for hypnotizing people in every-day conversation using the hypnotic language patterns of Milton H. Erickson, one of the most gifted hypnotists who ever lived. Best of all, you'll learn how to use these hypnotic principles conversationally, so that you can be more influential and persuasive in every-day conversations and sales situations.
4. Emotional Freedom Techniques — EFT
EFT — sometimes referred to as Energy Tapping — is a revolutionary set of techniques created by NLP Master Practitioner Gary Craig. Designed to balance the energy system of the body, EFT removes the effects of negative emotions, physical pain and addictive cravings, such as those from cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. EFT is based on the same scientifically proven principles as acupuncture but is easy to use by simply tapping on parts of your body. This is a fantastic tool to use with your clients and to teach to your clients for even better results.
5. Success and Life Coach Certifications
Learn how to coach yourself and others to success with the simple seven-step CORE Success Coach Method, created by Transform Destiny Founder, Michael Stevenson, and based on the principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Coaching is one of the leading new professions and offers many personal rewards in the form of personal fulfilment and residual income. Newsweek recently put it bluntly when they said, "Need a life? Get a coach," and claim that successful coaches "earn six-figure incomes, and proponents say the field is about to explode." Start Date: 01 July 2019 End Date : 07 July 2019 Time: 09h00 – 17h00 (daily) Location: Ely, Cambridgeshire Trainer(s): Evan Jeposa
NLP Master Practitioner Course
08 July To 22 July 2019 | Ely, Cambridgeshire
Learn to master the tools and techniques of NLP for a career, personal growth and professional therapy and coaching. When you attend NLP Master Practitioner, you'll not only learn to change the lives of others, you'll change yourself because this is one of the most life-changing events. Join us for this amazing fifteen-day training featuring NLP Master Practitioner, TIME Techniques™ Master Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist and Master Success Coach certifications. If you've ever wanted to propel yourself to success, now is the time to do it.
1. NLP Master Practitioner Certification
Learn to master the concepts and patterns of NLP. When you're done with this training, you will literally have all the tools you'll need for personal development, private practice and coaching, at your disposal. During the process, you'll have the chance to use and experience nearly every NLP tool taught during the course. It's two weeks of life-changing, empowering lessons, both as a Master Practitioner and a "client". Best of all, at the end of the course, you'll both conduct and experience a Personal Breakthrough Session — the most powerful and transformational model in the NLP arsenal.
2. TIME Techniques™ Master Practitioner Certification
Learn the Master level of TIME Techniques™ and begin making profound changes with this life altering tools. At this level, you will move from working on symptoms, to completely overhauling an entire area of life, be it career, love, health, family, personal growth, spirituality or any other area of life. You'll learn the powerful Breakthrough Session format of therapy that often nets Master Practitioners between £900 - £2300 per session.
3. Master Hypnotherapist Certification
We will teach you powerful techniques for hypnotizing people, such as the Elman method - the most powerful method of hypnosis known today. You'll also learn the basics of stage hypnosis and how to recreate some of the crazy things you might see a hypnotist do on stage.
4. Master Success Coach Certification
Learn to coach people to almost automatic success. With the tools and methods, you'll learn in this training, you'll achieve results far greater and far faster than traditionally-trained success coaches, who often mistakenly believe that the client should overcome their own obstacles and that the coach should not use tools to help them along. NLP adds magic-like results to coaching and creates a powerful drive for success within you and your clients. Start Date: 08 July 2019 End Date : 22 July 2019 Time: 09h00 – 17h00 (daily) Location: Ely, Cambridgeshire Trainer(s): Evan Jeposa
NLP Trainer’s Training
07 October 21 October 2019 | Ely, Cambridgeshire
Kiss Stage Fright Goodbye and Eliminate Your Fears If you've ever panic of public speaking or performance, get ready to kiss it goodbye. In NLP Trainer's Training, we'll completely blow out any areas of fright you might have using proven NLP and TIME Techniques™ processes. Before long, you'll actually be excited about going on stage! Behaviours of an Excellent Trainer Learn how to give incredible presentations, seminars, and training. We'll share with you 30 behaviours held by those who are masters of the art of presentation and public speaking. Of course, standing in front of a room of people, you probably couldn't remember to do all 30 things, consciously. So we'll layer them in through a powerful anchor called the "Trainer's State" so they actually become part of your presenter persona, making it all automatic. Conscious/Unconscious Teaching We'll share with you techniques for teaching your students both consciously, and at the unconscious level for maximum learning. Stage Anchoring Learn the secrets of amazing presenters and how they use the stage to anchor and trigger states in their audience. This is an extremely powerful technique. Understanding Learning Styles By now, you probably realize that not everyone learns in the same way. There are years of research behind this concept, and we'll share with you the secrets of teaching to people with diverse sets of learning styles, and how to cater to each one in such a way that nobody gets bored, and everyone learns efficiently. Controlling Your Room We'll share with you incredible ways to get a "feel" for your entire room, create a personal connection with everyone in your audience, and how to deal with hecklers and troublemakers. Demonstrations and Subjects You'll learn the secrets of doing successful NLP demonstrations in front of an audience, every time. You'll learn just how to always screen and pick the best demo subject for maximum (and the quickest) success you can show your students. State Elicitation with Metaphors We'll share with you the most powerful techniques for creating and delivering metaphors that will not just tell your stories, but have your audience feeling your stories with you. Imagine invoking emotions at-will from the front of the room, and taking your subjects into a light learning trance at the same time. This is the power that metaphors give us. Controlling the Energy of the Room Have you ever seen a presenter who you just felt had a great "energy"? This is not accidental. You'll learn how to be an energetic presenter and share that energy with each and every person in your audience, leaving them feeling that you're the most amazing presenter. This is a must-have technique that most presenters are completely unaware of. Group Process Insure that your audience bonds quickly and deeply, making your events even more profound for them. There are certain stages of evolution that every group will go through. Learn to understand group process, and how to recognize it in your audience so you can assist them in becoming most productive. The Business of Training Learn the tricks of the trade - the secrets to the seminar and training business in the context of NLP training's and motivational seminars. Very powerful information! Start Date: 07 October 2019 End Date : 22 October 2019 Time: 09h00 – 17h00 (daily) Location: Ely, Cambridgeshire Trainer(s): TBC