Understanding your inner power will help you to uncover and tap into your inner abilities to crack through any kind of limit and achieve the quality of living you desire. Find out how you can exceed your restrictions to achieve your own goals, enhance the quality of your life and develop lasting achievement.

Expect to Succeed
13th September 2019 – 15th September 2019 | Cape Town, South Africa

Expect to Succeed is a live event designed to help you unlock and unleash the forces inside that can help you break through any limit and create the quality of life you desire. Learn how you can surpass your own limitations to achieve your goals, improve the quality of your life and build lasting greatness.

You must stop settling for less than you deserve, if you have the desire to create a life that is full of passion, reward and improvement, this seminar uncovers the hidden truth behind creating this life.

Start Date: 13 September, 2019
End Date: 15 October 2019
Time: 09h00 – 17h00 (daily)
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Trainer(s): Evan Jeposa

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Speak It, Achieve It!
26th May 2019 | Witchford, Ely, Cambridgeshire

You may have heard the familiar Zen proverb, “Obstacles do not block the path, they are the path.” But I wonder how many of you are tired of that path and would like to get on one with less obstacles?

In this 90 minutes talk, you will discover how to talk to yourself in a different and better way in order to expect the things you desire. That could include, getting the perfect partner, the perfect job, a pay rise, losing weight, more money or simply just a better day.

Your host, Evan, is funny, eloquent, well-travelled and is sure to have a story that you can relate to.

End Date: 26 May 2019
Time: 19h00 to 20h30
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Trainer(s): Evan Jeposa

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