You are perhaps wondering what Reiki means? Reiki is Japanese, it is an ancient Japanese technique used to induce relaxation and reduction of stress and promote healing. The fundamental idea behind Reiki is that an unseen “Life force energy” flows though everyone, and this life force is the animator or the reason why we are alive. Having low or weak of this force causes stress or sickness. Having high amount of this force is responsible for health and happiness. Reiki is performed through the “laying of hands” in a practical sense that demonstrates the flow of energy from one living being to another.

Reiki as a word has its origins from two distinct Japanese words; Rei and Ki which means “God’s wisdom and Life’s energy” respectively. Therefore, Reiki in a literal sense is Transcendent life force energy.

The Reiki technique deals with the entire person which includes; Body, mind, spirit, emotions which leads to positive effects such as maximum relaxation, tranquility, security and general wellbeing.

Reiki technique simplifies the art of spiritual healing and promotes peace and self-improvement. It has proven effective in aiding the healing process for every known illness and its soul healing proven beyond doubt to be a tool for general human improvement. It also works together with every other medical or therapeutic method.

The technique is simple, isn’t taught in a formal sense, it simply involves the transference of “life’s energy” from teacher to student using the method known as “attunement” in the Reiki class.

The technique doesn’t discriminate based on intellectual or spiritual class, it can be learnt and used by people of every background or age.

One must also understand the difference between Reiki and religion, since Reiki as a concept is ancient and spiritual, many tend to mistake it as a form of religion. Reiki is not a belief system, it doesn’t have any enshrined dogma or doctrines, doesn’t require belief, it is sorely independence of belief and must not been seen as a substitute religion, Reiki is sorely spiritual not religious.

The founder of the Reiki system of natural healing, Mikao Usui, suggested that people practice certain simple ethical ideals to promote peace and harmony, and this idea is nearly universal for every culture

Benefits of the Reiki technique
  1. Eliminates spiritual or emotional pressure, relaxes muscles and relieves stress and tension.
  2. Reduces pain or sourness
  3. Clears negative emotional and mental blocks, makes one at peace with one’s reality.
  4. Improves overall confidence, helps to protect our mental and emotional faculties, fortifying a person from negative reactions to life’s events.
  5. Effectively improves one’s intellect
  6. Heals and improves relationships; Only a healthy spirit and a stable emotion can love effectively and happily, by improving the general spiritual and mental wellbeing, peace and stability of a person, Reiki heals their emotional output, making them better in relationships around them.
  7. Sending Reiki energy in time to future events, helps increase the chances of success.
  8. Grants us deep spiritual awareness by improving or kick starting the usage of our sixth sense.
  9. Induces mutual respect, peace, harmony and love within a group setting it is applied; Family, relationship circle, work environment and so on.
  10. Re-establishes the emotional, physical and mental wellbeing of users to their maximum capacity.

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