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Sometimes life plays out in ways that we never imagined. As an intricate network of interactions, cause and effect, these incessant chains of events can affect us in many ways than one and sometimes not in a very good way. “Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a tool that was specifically designed to help improve balance and growth both in your personal and professional life, providing the confidence that you need to take the next step in your career.

It is the practice of understanding exactly how people organise their thoughts, feelings, language, and behaviour in order to produce the results that they want in their lives. This program provides you with a strategy to structure your life to be outstanding.

At Elyballroom, we combine NPL techniques with a precisely optimized instruction that are specifically designed to prepare and help you navigate life challenges that may impede on your success.

NLP technique: If you have the will and desire to change, then you will. The power to create this transformation and desired changes are already within you and the resources available to you.

Our techniques are proven and highly advanced and through the use of these forms, NPL guarantees positive results. NLP makes amazing outcomes by utilizing ‘how’ your mind processes thoughts to encourage profound change. We direct you through this change utilizing a blend of cutting edge, demonstrated Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) methods, conversational training and hypnotherapy to influence your subconscious mind. This ensures significant and lasting changes that will empower you to break free from your apparent impediments and change your future.

The issues that these training systems can help with are unlimited. So please get in touch with us to speak further about how we can help, or read about the absolute most basic areas we help with.

Our Commitments to you includes;
  • Utmost quality and value positive coaching that guarantees rapid results.
  • We will help you reach your true potential and achieve your goals.
  • Provide our services to you in a caring and trusting environment towards fresh new insights, learnings and resolutions, leading you to lifelong change and emotional freedom.
  • Empower you with the tools, beliefs and abilities so you can continue to grow.
  • Best service is our promise to you.
  • Our services are safe, confidential, ethical and unbiased. And are optimized for you as a unique individual alongside your dreams and goals.
  • We will deliver our services to the highest standards through continual updated training techniques and mentorship from the right professionals or instructors.
  • Our relationship with you will be professional and equally kind at all times.
  • Your suggestions and feedbacks will be taken with optimum considerations and our services will always be tailored to reflect your needs and or requirements.
Why Us?

Elywellbeing is founded and managed by Evan Jeposa. Evan’s resume consists of many quality years of experience and practice, a certified Life Coach, NPL therapist, Trainer, Master practitioner. He is fully insured, accredited by the right authorities and professional union.

Our clients over the years has come from a diverse pool of individuals. Over the years, we have worked with creative professionals, entrepreneurs, small business owners, public sector workers, nurses, Artists and many others. Our experience with individuals and professionals from varying professions and vocation, puts us in the right position to work with you in a guaranteed personalized program that will be optimized for your unique needs.

We also consistently update our skill and knowledge by studying the works of the best trainers in the world, all to guarantee we offer you the best of service. We operate workshops, training and a coaching group, and continue to advance our expertise with ongoing study and development.

The quality of our care and services is of the utmost importance to us, our culture orbits around this concepts of excellence and value, and we will never relent to evolve more to meet your personalized need with the utmost care and maintain the best quality.

How it works:

Your wellbeing is our passion and number one concern, so we have built our culture along these lines to ensure maximum values are impacted to our customers. Our modus operandi includes developing a mutual trust relationship and partnership built around respect and sensitivity to your needs, while providing a comfortable, fun environment to ensure you enjoy every part of our program and positive results are the centre of our operations, we will go to any length that is necessary to ensure you get the result you hope for.

We facilitate your changes through considered, purposeful questioning, conversational change techniques alongside using tools and therapies carefully tailored to gain insight into the root of your issue, so that you can transcends the limitations of your problems.

Our methods are unconventional because we delve towards the subconscious to spur the changes needed.

In line with what you want for yourself, we will provide you with videos, audios, worksheets and information to help to you perform these techniques yourself when you need.

Areas of specialty
  • Increase your confidence and self esteem
  • Transform limiting beliefs and become empowered
  • Gain emotional freedom from unresolved traumas/childhood issues
  • Master your anxiety
  • Overcome your fears and phobias
  • Change unwanted behaviours
  • Eradicate habits
  • Reduce stress
  • Speak with confidence and eloquence in public
  • Regain control from panic attacks
  • Control and eliminate anger

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