“Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a tool that is used to aid both personal and professional development, giving you the confidence that you need to take the next step in your career. It is the practice of understanding exactly how people organise their thoughts, feelings, language, and behaviour in order to produce the results that they want in their lives. NLP can provide you with a strategy for modelling outstanding performances upon, especially those accomplished by geniuses and leaders within their fields.” I integrate NLP Techniques with a Coaching Style to help you overcome the challenges that hold you from achieving your highest desires. NLP techniques: If you have the will and desire to change, then you will! It is you that has the power to create this transformation drawing upon what is already within you and resources that you have access to. NLP creates remarkable results by using ‘how’ your brain constructs thoughts to facilitate deep change. I guide you through this change using a combination of advanced, proven Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, conversational coaching and hypnotherapy to work collectively with your conscious and influential unconscious mind. This creates long lasting, profound changes that will enable you to break free from your perceived limitations and transform your future. The issues that these coaching techniques can help with are endless so please contact us to talk further about how we can help, or read about some of the most common areas we help with.
My Commitment to you;
I will:
• Provide the highest quality and best value coaching and therapy which delivers rapid results, enabling you to uncover who you truly are and who you can become • Help you fulfil your true potential and reach your goals • Guide you in a caring and trusting environment towards fresh new insights, learnings and resolutions, leading you to lifelong change and emotional freedom • Empower you with the tools, beliefs and abilities so you can continue to grow • You deserve the best, and that is what we will give you • We will provide a safe, confidential, ethical and unbiased service, respectful of you as a unique individual, alongside your needs and wishes • We will deliver our services to the highest standards through continual training in the most up to date and advanced techniques and membership with the appropriate professional bodies • We will provide you with exceptional professionalism at all times • We welcome your suggestions, ideas and involvement and we will listen to your needs and feedback allowing us to put your values and needs into the heart of what we do
Why Me:
I have made a point of training with the leaders in my field and am a fully qualified Life Coach and NLP therapist, NLP Trainer, NLP Master Practitioner. I am fully insured and accredited with professional bodies and abide by their code of ethics. My clients have included creative professionals, entrepreneurs, small business owners, public sector workers, nurses, to name a few, meaning I have worked with people from all walks of life and coached them through a huge variety of circumstances. I have the skills and flexibility to adapt to a style that is suitable for your requirements as well as specialising in a variety of areas. I have purposely studied with some of the best trainers in the world to gain the best knowledge so that I can give you the best service. I run workshops, training and a coaching group alongside continuing to enhance my own expertise with ongoing study and development. I passionately believe in the highest standards of care and delivery to you, and recognise the importance of my own development to enable this. I have used and experienced the powerful transformations in my personal and professional life first-hand which is what inspired me to share these easy, life changing skills to help others.
How it works:
It sounds a bit corny, but I really do care about you and your needs and am passionate about you getting the results you want. My style is always in line with this outcome for you and I will go wherever I need to with you in order to help you get this. I’m in it with you all the way. At the same time (and of course, only if appropriate) I want to make it as comfortable, fun and enjoyable as you want it to be! I think of the partnership as a friendship of mutual trust and respect, so you can certainly expect compassion, empathy, humour, honesty, and occasionally tough love and purposeful provocation when helpful! I accelerate your changes through considered, purposeful questioning, conversational change techniques alongside using tools and therapies carefully tailored to gain insight into the root of your issue, so that you may venture beyond the boundaries of your problem. Unlike some therapies that are working consciously and cognitively, most change needs to occur unconsciously and it is here most of us get stuck. A lot of the time our sessions will seem simply conversational, but I am working with you both consciously and more importantly unconsciously to create the change. Many of my clients describe it as like ‘having a chat’ but that things ‘just shift’. I have a very educational approach which will be backed up by resources and information out of sessions as well as agreed actions to apply what we have covered. I have found the more you understand about ‘how’ you are doing what you are doing and ‘what’ to do differently, the more you can take charge of it on your own now, and in the future. We will purposefully and positively create new thought processes and changes together, in line with what you want for yourself and you be provided with videos, audios, worksheets and information to help to DIY!
Areas of specialty
• Increase your confidence and self esteem • Transform limiting beliefs and become empowered • Gain emotional freedom from unresolved traumas/childhood issues • Master your anxiety • Overcome your fears and phobias • Change unwanted behaviours • Eradicate habits • Reduce stress • Speak with confidence and eloquence in public • Regain control from panic attacks • Control and eliminate anger